10 Free Design Agency Web Templates for Photoshop

If you’re working on a website redesign for your creative agency, it pays off to have a few design resources stored on your computer that will help you speed up the design process. This includes web templates for Photoshop that you can use when you need inspiration.

In this roundup, we’ve gathered web templates that are perfect for design agencies and will help you complete the redesign concept in no time.

We also have free portfolio PSD templates, free landing page PSD templates, free eCommerce PSD templates and free blog & magazine PSD templates. If you’re looking for a complete PSD web template round-up, take a look at this post.

Evana – Creative Agency PSD Template

The Evana template starts off the roundup strong with its creative and feminine design. Although the template looks like it would work well for feminine websites, you can easily customize the design to use whatever colors you prefer.

Poseidon – Creative Portfolio & Agency PSD Template (Envato Elements)

The Poseidon template will not disappoint you as it comes with an impressive number of PSD files that will help you design not only the homepage for your agency website but also all the other important pages needed to win new clients.

Poseidon Creative Portfolio Agency web design layout adobe photoshop template free psd format

MI Talent – Web Design Agency PSD Template

The MI Talent has a minimal and simple design paired with classic typography that gives it an upscale, timeless look. The template includes several PSD files that are well-organized for quick and easy editing.

MI Talent Agency  web design layout adobe photoshop template free psd format

Splashes Creative Agency Template (Envato Elements)

The Splashes is a unique and creative template, suitable for a wide variety of agency websites. Standout features include fresh and clean design and included HTML files so you can get your new website design live as fast as possible.

Splashes Creative Agency web design layout adobe photoshop template psd format

Piroll – Free Agency & Portfolio PSD Templates

This template has a modern look that provides great flexibility. You can use it for designer, photography, web agency and studio websites. The template comes with 5 PSD sample pages and well-organized layers.

Piroll Agency Portfolio web design layout adobe photoshop template free psd format

Deck – Free Card-Style PSD Template

Try the Deck template if you’re looking for a unique layout for your agency website. This template has an interesting card-based layout and comes with 45 unique templates and more than 200 design elements.

Deck card Card-Style web design layout adobe photoshop template free psd format

Cesis – Creative Agency PSD Web Template

The Cesis template has a professional design with a corporate feel so don’t miss this one if that’s the style you prefer. The template is well-structured and includes layers that make it easy to customize this design.

Cesis Creative Agency web design layout adobe photoshop template free psd format

Digital Design Agency Free PSD

The Digital Design Agency template has a fun and fresh design with pops of color that draw your visitors’ attention to your call to actions or important sections such as portfolio or contact. The template includes a fully editable Photoshop file.

Digital Design Agency web design layout adobe photoshop template free psd format

Free Creative Studio Website PSD Template

This free Creative Studio Website template includes both Photoshop and Illustrator formats. The template has a dark color scheme which gives it a sophisticated look and feel but you can easily customize it to match your brand.

Creative Studio Website web design layout adobe photoshop template psd format

Startuply – Design Agency Landing Page PSD Template

The Startuply is a perfect choice if all you want is a simple but creative landing page. Customize this template with your brand’s colors and fonts and make sure to include all the information about your portfolio, contact information, and agency history.

Startuply Design Agency Landing Page web design layout adobe photoshop template free psd format

Cesis Creative Agency Free PSD Template

This minimal and unique PSD template comes with 8 different page templates so you can design your entire agency website. The template is based on 1920px screen and 1170 grid system and includes stunning full-screen components.

Cesis Creative Agency web design layout adobe photoshop template free psd format

Free Agency Landing Page PSD

The Free Agency Landing Page features a modern design with an interesting color scheme and clean typography. You’ll find several PSD files that are well-organized for quick editing.

Agency Landing Page web design layout adobe photoshop template free psd format

Coming up with a perfect design for your creative agency can be time-consuming. Save time with one of the premade web templates for Photoshop so you can get the initial design out of the way and focus on bringing your website to life.

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10 Free Beautifully Designed Brochure Templates for Adobe InDesign

If you want to appeal to a wider audience, putting together a brochure can really help. And what better way to create a brochure than by using free brochure templates for Adobe InDesign?

These templates make it so easy to promote your business, services, or products — or even just spread valuable information — without having to go through the hassle of creating a template or brochure from scratch.

The ease-of-use factor, plus the convenience of just having to fill in blank fields, is what really pushes these InDesign templates over the top.

So go ahead and check out this collection of free brochure templates for Adobe InDesign. You’re certain to find something that suits your company or project.

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Corporate Bi-Fold InDesign Brochure Template

The Bi-Fold Corporate InDesign template is an excellent choice for those looking for fast results with minimal edits required. It’s built professionally with a fully-layered design and it can be used for multiple purposes. And since it’s easy to add custom text and images, you can export this template to a high-quality PDF in a matter of minutes.

Interior Design Brochure Template (Envato Elements)

With an easy-to-customize layout and eye-catching sample imagery, the Interior Design Brochure Template provides all the standard features you’d expect from a professional brochure: 30mm bleed, A4 & US Letter sizes, and free font and icon font support while maintaining a modern edge. Drag and drop photos to 12 custom pages.

Interior Design Brochure Template

Soft & Clean Square InDesign Brochure Template

If you’re looking to keep your brochure’s design clean and simple, the Soft and Clean Square InDesign Brochure Template ought to do the trick. Add a custom logo and text to 8-full color pages. The perfect choice for corporate brochures that need to stand out from the rest.

Soft Clean Square InDesign Brochure Template

Stylish Fashion Lookbook Brochure (Envato Elements)

The Stylish Fashion Lookbook Brochure Template has a delicate air of sophistication without being overstated. This template is deal for fashion spreads thanks to a generous 14-page design, well-organized layers, and 1-click color changes. It’s print-ready and immediately elevates your content.

Stylish Fashion Lookbook Brochure

Colorful Tri-Fold Brochure Template (Envato Elements)

Your nursery, preschool, after school activity, or playgroup will thrive with this brochure template. Though designed with marketed to parents in mind, this brochure template is a colorful trifold that could be used for a brochure in any industry that requires a striking design and pops of color.

Colorful Tri-Fold Brochure Template

Tri-Fold Hotel InDesign Brochure Template

Promote a bed and breakfast, a hotel, or a weekend getaway with this Tri-Fold Hotel InDesign Brochure Template. This template is easy to customize. Just drag-and-drop in your photos, add your text, swap out colors, and you’ll be good to go. It also comes with the Cardo-Regular font, and has been adapted for use in massage and salon service industries as well.

Tri-Fold Hotel InDesign Brochure Template

Bi-Fold Business Brochure Template (Envato Elements)

This elegant and modern bifold brochure is perfect for any corporate setting, which covers a wide range of businesses. It’s also recommended for publishing and annual reports. Even company profiles can make use of this template. It has just two page designs but sometimes that’s all you need to get the job done. Sometimes, simple is better, and this brochure template does simple well.

Bi-Fold Business Brochure Template

Futuristic Event Posters Set for InDesign

What a cool design this template offers! The Futuristic Event Posters Set for InDesign can be adapted for brochures easily and is easy-to-edit and customize with your own text and images on the fly. It sports an A3, tabloid layout, is fully print-ready, and can make any event or announcement more than stand out.

Futuristic Event Posters Set for InDesign

InDesign Product Brochure Template

If you have a specific product you want to promote and catch attention for, this InDesign Product Brochure Template will do the job and then some. This free offering offers a four-page layout with three content pages and front and rear designs. It’s simple, yet bold, allowing for full-page photography and/or pull quotes.

InDesign Product Brochure Template

Blue Business Brochure Layout (Envato Elements)

What a lovely template this is! The Blue Business Brochure Layout template is subdued and cool, yet absolutely ready to showcase your latest endeavor, promotion, or work. It’s easy to rearrange things as you see fit to accommodate your images and text. And it comes with 12 unique pages, so you’re certain to find a configuration that works for you.

Blue Business Brochure Layout

Green Swirls Tri-Fold Menu/Brochure Template

This template is stylish and free-flowing, perfect for naturally-inclined businesses, restaurants, spas, and more. This is perfect for highlight menus or menus of services in a succinct way that gets your point across without overwhelming readers. Think brochures you get for local restaurants on your screen door — only better.

Green Swirls Tri-Fold Menu/Brochure Template

InDesign Industry Trifold Brochure Template

For corporate or industry-based businesses (like coal, oil, or electrical companies) this brochure template will fit the bill. Its simple trifold layout makes it easy to present info about your business in a succinct way, but still offers enough details to engage. Everything is fully customizable and it’s print-ready.

InDesign Industry Trifold Brochure Template

InDesign Tri-Fold Brochure Template

Promote your travel agency, booking agency, or time-share with this travel-inspired trifold brochure template. It can be used for any industry, really, and offers appealing vector images as a part of the deal. This free template can be customized easily and is ready-to-print as soon as you’re done designing.

InDesign Tri-Fold Brochure Template

Retro Christmas Brochure Template

When the festive time is upon us, sometimes it’s nice to embrace it whole-heartedly in your business promotions. This Retro Christmas Brochure Template is great for promoting flash sales, or for simply adding a retro holiday touch to any company’s products, services, or other offerings. This brochure template is print-ready and can be modified to suit any business.

Retro Christmas Brochure Template

So you see? There are plenty of brochure template options here to help you put together a stunning brochure no matter the industry you’re in. This collection of freebies are so good you can professionally present your company with ease. Which is just pretty great, if you ask us.

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Changing Hands: Should You Worry When a WordPress Plugin Has a New Owner?

As human beings, we tend to be wary of change. This seems especially so when it comes to the products and services we use. That “new and improved” formula? No thanks – just give us the original, please.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that there has been a lot of grumbling in the WordPress community lately. A number of big-name WordPress plugins have changed hands. The content management system’s ecosystem has suddenly been shaken as vigorously as a snow globe.

A mix of designers, developers, and website owners have taken to social media to voice their concerns. They’re wondering how these transactions will impact both them and their clients. It’s an understandable reaction in a time of such uncertainty.

Many of us feel a personal stake in the plugins we use. Sometimes it’s difficult to separate the emotional aspect of a change from the rational. Still, those feelings can be based on unpleasant experiences from our past. The reality is that not every transition goes smoothly.

So, how much should you worry when a trusted WordPress plugin is under new ownership? Let’s try and make sense of it all. Along the way, I’ll add in a little personal perspective.

There Are Stories behind Every Move

Finding out that a plugin you rely on has been sold can feel like a punch to the gut. I can attest that, as a user, my first reaction tends to be one of dismay. I always wonder why such a thing would happen, why the developer couldn’t leave well-enough alone.

But each time a plugin is bought or sold, there’s a background story. And there are any number of reasons why someone would want to sell. Maybe the responsibilities have outgrown the original developer’s capacity to handle them. Perhaps there are family concerns. The opportunity to cash-in is also in play.

On the other side of the coin, the new owners have their own agenda. They might see this product as one that fits in nicely with their established offerings. Additionally, they may believe that their vision for the product is one that can fuel growth.

Whatever the specifics, it’s important to remember that it takes two sides to make these deals happen. One party wanted to buy, and the other was willing to sell.

And when a plugin author is willing to sell their creation, there is reason to think that it is perhaps in the best interest of the product. There is always the possibility that, without a sale, the long-term outlook for the plugin may be in jeopardy.

So, even though we may have wished for things to stay the same, they may well have changed anyway.

Waiting with Uncertainty

Among the biggest stressors that come with these transactions is the uncertainty over what will change and when it will happen. Unfortunately, new ownership doesn’t always provide immediate answers.

We may get assurances that things will stay “as-is” for the time being. Software licenses will still be valid, features x, y, and z will continue work. Yet, it still feels like impactful changes in these areas are inevitable.

Personally, my biggest concern tends to be pricing. Regardless of who owns a particular plugin, price increases are often part of the deal – I get it. If the product is great, I don’t mind paying a bit more over time.

But major changes in this area could be problematic for web designers and their clients. If you typically purchase a developer’s license to use on client sites, a higher price means passing that cost onward. And if the number of sites allowed per license changes, that could be another expensive headache to deal with.

Then, changes in both support policy and staff can be worrisome. We all want to know that support is there for us when we need them and can help in a timely manner. Thus, there’s concern about new ownership possibly cutting corners.

When it comes to features, users need to know that things will still work as expected. This is particularly important when it comes to third-party integrations.

For example, what if a plugin currently integrates with a product from a rival company – will it still be supported down the road? No one wants to have their choices limited by a corporate jousting match. The bigger these companies get, the more possibility for such situations to arise.

A carton of eggs with silly faces drawn on them.

The Impact on Individual Websites

Ultimately, one wonders about the impact an acquisition will have on their own website. Particularly when a plugin is responsible for a major piece of a site’s core functionality. Add-ons like shopping carts, learning management systems (LMS) and membership managers come to mind.

People invest a lot of time and money into these types of websites. And the thought of having to swap out plugins is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

However, new ownership in itself is not a reason to panic. While there may be a little bit of uncertainty amongst users, that doesn’t make it so with the plugin’s author. They (hopefully) have a plan to hit the ground running and gained plenty of insight into how things work. Even better if the original author, or some current maintainers, are still in the picture.

With that, you might reasonably expect a few minor hiccups during the transition. But there’s no rush to run away from your site’s current configuration. It’s OK to take some time to see how things play out.

It’s natural to have questions and concerns. In that case, the best thing to do is to reach out and try to get some answers.

And if you want to study up on alternative plugins, there’s no harm in doing so. Being prepared is always a positive.

A group of people create a website flow chart.

A Deep Breath and Lots of Fresh Starts for the WordPress Community

At times, the pace of WordPress plugins changing hands has been dizzying. Just as we get word of one notable transaction, another one follows. That alone can feel overwhelming and sew a certain amount of concern within a community.

Plus, it’s disappointing that some well-known developers are moving on. They’ve built a high level of trust with their customers and brought something unique to the WordPress ecosystem. They will be missed.

Still, I think it’s important to keep things in perspective. No, not every acquisition is going to work out perfectly. Some may even fail. Yet, it’s in our interest as web professionals to try and view things objectively.

Therefore, I invite you all to take a collective deep breath (with a mask and six feet of distance, of course). Things have changed. But it’s up to us to make the most of it.

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