8 Best WordPress Plugins for Providing Customer Support

Whether you’re a web designer serving various clients or a developer who offers products, utilizing your website for customer support makes sense. It provides users with a way to both help themselves and receive help directly from you. Plus, it can serve as a means to organize support requests in a neat and tidy manner.

If your website runs on WordPress, then you have a wide selection of support-related plugins to choose from. They run the gamut from building a simple FAQ or knowledgebase all the way to full-blown ticketing systems. This allows you to build a support area that fits virtually any type of business.

With that in mind, here are 8 WordPress plugins that you can use to provide excellent customer service and support.

Tawk.To Live Chat

This plugin will enable you to place a widget from the free Tawk.To chat application onto your WordPress website (a free account is required). You can customize the widget’s look, which pages it displays on, and embed it anywhere with the included shortcode.

A handy scheduler is also included, which will display the widget only during your operating hours. As a bonus, you can use the service’s mobile app to answer queries from wherever you are.

SupportCandy – Helpdesk & Support Ticket System

With just a few clicks, SupportCandy will add a ticketing system to both the front and back ends of your website. Create an unlimited number of support agent users and assign them tickets, while premium add-ons enable you to automate the process.

Customers can submit tickets via their account or as guests. The plugin also supports custom fields, file attachments, and email notifications.

SupportCandy – Helpdesk & Support Ticket System

Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs

One of the simplest ways to provide support is through a knowledge base. Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs is a free plugin that will enable you to build up a support section in very little time.

Create up to three levels of categories and sub-categories, choose from a plethora of pre-defined styles and even implement an AJAX live search. Premium add-ons allow for features like custom layouts and hosting multiple bases on the same site.

Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs

Quick and Easy FAQs

FAQs are a great option for services or products that don’t need overly in-depth documentation. They’re also handy for providing useful pre-sales information. Quick and Easy FAQs creates a custom post type on your site that lets you add as many questions and answers as you need.

You can display your FAQs in various styles, including a simple list, filterable section-based list, and toggle. The display is handled through a WordPress Shortcode.

Quick and Easy FAQs

Ultimate FAQ

Ultimate FAQ will, like other FAQ plugins on this list, allow you to create an archive of questions and answers easily. You can create categories, display questions in various ways and even export them all to a PDF. But the bonus here is that the plugin can integrate with WooCommerce.

This could be quite a powerful feature for stores looking to offer pre-sales information to users. The premium version of the plugin enables a FAQs product tab to make things even easier.

Ultimate FAQ

WP Live Chat Support

In the right situation, live chat can be a very effective means of helping customers. It provides both a personal touch and an immediate response that helps to build brand loyalty. Using WP Live Chat Support, you can hold multiple one-on-one chats with customers – hosted right there on the same server with your WordPress site.

There are plenty of options, and no third-party subscriptions are required. However, if you want to have features like multiple agents (team members) or data trigger automations, you’ll need the pro version.

WP Live Chat Support

Awesome Support

If you’re looking for a full-fledged support ticketing system, you’ll want to check out Awesome Support. Use it to run a WordPress-based helpdesk that, between the free version and premium add-ons, has just about every feature you’ll need.

By default, you’ll have the ability to create an unlimited number of departments, agent accounts, custom priority levels, and more. Add-ons do things such as syncing product lists with either WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, user reply via email, and Slack notifications – among others. There’s a lot of room to build a system that meets your needs.

Awesome Support


weDocs is a free plugin that caters to those who want to build and organize vast amounts of documentation on their WordPress website. The plugin UI sports a handy drag-and-drop feature for organizing items – great for getting articles in just the right order.

There is even a way to bring in documentation from an outside source, which could be a really huge help for those moving in existing content from somewhere else.


Support Options

What’s so nice about the plugins above is that they offer you different ways to provide support. You don’t necessarily need a big, complicated system to help customers. In some cases, a simple FAQ will do the trick. But it’s also great to know that more robust options exist if you need them.

The key is in helping people to help themselves first. This will cut down on the number of support requests you receive, and the hope is that if they do reach out to you for further assistance, you’ll be farther ahead by having resources readily available on your website.

Whichever path you choose, look for solutions that will make life easier for everyone involved. The choices above should get you off to a running start.

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20 Free Bootstrap UI Kits

Bootstrap is one of the most popular design frameworks. One of the reasons it’s so popular is that it’s optimized for mobile devices and has a well-organized grid system along with hundreds of elements that make prototyping and designing for the web a lot easier.

There is no doubt that Bootstrap is the best framework to help you design beautiful and responsive web pages. From minimal startup websites to complex admin screens, you can find Bootstrap UI kits and templates for any design. Get inspired by these free Bootstrap UI kits and use them in your next design project.

In this roundup, we’ve collected 20 free UI kits built with Bootstrap (both 4 and 5) that you can use as a starting point for your designs.

Free Bootstrap 5 UI Kits

Pixel Free Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

The free Pixel Bootstrap 5 UI kit comes bundled with over 80 UI elements, 5 example page templates, and more than 50 website sections, so you build any type of website.

Snacked Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Snacked is Bootstrap 5 admin template and UI kit that comes with over 60 custom HTML page templates, multiple chart options, and a vast collection of UI components.

snacked bootstrap 5 five template ui kit free responsive

Boomerang Free Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

This free Bootstrap 5 UI kit includes over fifty custom components, five integrated plugins, and five pre-built page templates. Boomerang kit is perfect for building a business or corporate website.

boomerang bootstrap 5 five template ui kit free responsive

Qexal Bootstrap 5 Landing Pages

The minimally designed Qexal is perfect for creating landing pages for startups or any other type of business. It comes with nine homepage variations, multiple page templates, and a huge collection of UI components and widgets.

Qexal Landing Pages bootstrap 5 five template ui kit free responsive

Lindy Free Bootstrap 5 Startup UI Kit

The free Lindy Bootstrap 5 UI kit includes everything you need for creating professional startup landing pages. The UI kit comes with over 200 UI elements and 5 example page templates.

Lindy stratup bootstrap 5 five template ui kit free responsive

Free Material Design Bootstrap 5 UI KIT

This free Material Design Bootstrap 5 UI kit is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to build a mobile-first website or an app. The kit comes with 400+ material UI elements, 600+ material icons, over 70 CSS animations, numerous templates, tutorials, and much more.

Material Design bootstrap 5 five template ui kit free responsive

WrapKit Lite – Free Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

WrapKit Lite is a free Bootstrap 5 UI kit that can be used in a variety of projects. It comes with a selection of UI blocks and more than 25 UI elements, and 1 landing page to jumpstart your project.

Wrappixel bootstrap 4 four template ui kit free responsive

Material Kit – Free Bootstrap 5 Material Design UI Kit

Material Kit is a perfect choice for anyone who loves the material design. The Bootstrap 5 UI kit comes with over 60 UI elements and three demo page templates to help you get started on your design.

Material Kit design bootstrap 4 four template ui kit free responsive

Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kits

Argon – Free Dashboard UI for Bootstrap 4

The Argon UI kit for Bootstrap is the perfect choice if you’re working on a dashboard design. The kit comes with over 100 components, 6 different screens, and 4 custom plugins.

Argon admin Dashboard bootstrap 4 four template ui kit free responsive

Grandin Bootstrap Admin UI Kit (Envato Elements)

Powered by Grunt, Bower, and SCSS, Grandin is a professional UI kit that comes packaged with plenty of UI components, widgets, forms, tables, charts, pages and applications.

Grandin admin Dashboard bootstrap template ui kit free responsive

Shards Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

The free Shards Bootstrap UI kit comes with 10 extra custom components and 2 custom pre-built landing page templates. You’ll also find more than 1,500 icons both from Material and FontAwesome packs.

Shards admin dashboard ux High-Quality bootstrap 4 four template ui kit free responsive

Dashboard HTML Template for Bootstrap 4 (Envato Elements)

This lightweight Bootstrap 4 UI kit includes five dashboard layouts, over 100 components, and a complete set of UI elements, including charts, forms, calendars, tables, and many more.

admin Dashboard bootstrap template ui kit free responsive

Drunken Parrot Lite Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

This kit includes both HTML and PSD files so you can easily customize and tweak the design to suit your needs. The kit is lightweight and it comes with various components and pages that will help to speed up your design process.

Drunken Parrot Lite bootstrap 4 four template ui kit free responsive

Now Free UI Kit for Bootstrap 4

Now UI Kit is a responsive Bootstrap 4 kit provided for free by Invision and Creative Tim. It features over 50 elements and 3 page templates. The kit provides PSD, Sketch, and HTML versions.

now web bootstrap 4 four template ui kit free responsive

Fuzen Bootstrap 4 Admin UI Kit (Envato Elements)

Fuzen is a Bootstrap 4 UI kit that comes bundled with three dashboard layout templates, over 200 UI components, over 3,000 icons, and multiple widgets. It has been designed with Material Design in mind.

admin Dashboard bootstrap template ui kit free responsive

NowSquare – Free Collection of Bootstrap 4 Web Blocks

Built upon Bower, GulpJS, and Sass, this free collection of web blocks has been designed for Bootstrap 4 and allows you to get ahead on your design project. The kit is easy to use straight out of the box and can be easily customized to the needs of your project.

NowSquare bootstrap 4 four template ui kit free responsive

Froala Design Blocks for Bootstrap 4

This Bootstrap UI kit includes over 170 responsive design blocks that are ready to be used in your web or mobile apps. You’ll find blocks for calls to action, profile blocks, contact, blocks, forms, headers, and more.

Froala Design Blocks bootstrap 4 four template ui kit free responsive

Paper Dashboard – Free Bootstrap 4 Admin UI Kit

The Paper Dashboard is another great choice if you need to prototype and design an admin dashboard for your project. The UI kit comes with 16 components, 4 customized plugins, and 7 demo page templates.

Paper Dashboard admin bootstrap 4 four template ui kit free responsive

Anchor – Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Anchor is a free Bootstrap UI Kit with flexible, ready to use UI components that will help you build websites faster. It features a modern and colorful design.

anchor bootstrap 4 four template ui kit free responsive

Stream Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

The Stream UI Kit is a beautiful and elegant Bootstrap 4 UI Kit. The UI kit comes with five beautiful complete page templates and includes over 20 reusable and customizable UI Blocks.

stream bootstrap 4 four template ui kit free responsive

Bootstrap 4 Startup UI Kit

Try the Bootstrap 4 Startup UI kit if you’re working on the website design of a startup. The kit features a clean and minimal style and comes with 16 UI cards that you can mix and match to create your own unique layouts.

Startup bootstrap 4 four template ui kit free responsive

Free Bootstrap 4 eCommerce UI Kit

Check out this kit if you’re designing an e-commerce website or an application. The template comes with several starter templates to get you started as well as numerous icons and elements.

eCommerce shop bootstrap 4 four template ui kit free responsive

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Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (November 2021)

One thing that I love with Web development industry is that we, as developers keep innovating to make the web better. This is why we’ve always found new exciting tools and resources to feature on our list.

In this round of the series, we have a tool to create nice realistic shadows using CSS3, several new frameworks and libraries for React.js, and PHP.

Without further ado, let’s jump in to see the full list.

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (October 2021)

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (October 2021)

We’ve been running this series for several years now and it feels like we never run out of… Read more

Shadow Palette

A little GUI tool that allows you to create a more realistic drop shadow for your website. You can customize several of the shadow properties such as the light position, color, and opacity. The tool will generate the CSS rules that you simply can copy and implement on your website.

Firefox Relay

Relay is a service from Firefox that allows you to create an email alias of your real email address. You can create several email aliases of one email address, and use them when signing up on websites like e-Commerce, membership, and subscription, etc. It’s a great service to protect your online privacy further.


A little online app to convert raster images into SVG easily. The tool supports several image formats including JPG, PNG, and WebP. It’s built with the “Progressive Web App” approach, which means even if you’re offline, the app is still going to work. Simply drag-n-drop any image onto the app and it’s all set.

A Look into: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

A Look into: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Vector graphics have been widely applied in print media. In a website, we can also add vector graphics… Read more

Framework X

A simple framework to create a reactive application using PHP. Internally, it leverages some PHP extension like Coroutines and Fibers (available since PHP8.1) to handle the concurrent and async operations akin to Node.js. You can use Framework X everywhere that runs PHP including shared hosting.

Shopify Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a new React.js framework from the team at Shopify. It comes with building blocks to create a custom Shopify storefront such as utility functions, custom React.js hooks, and components.

If you’re looking to build a Headless store with Shopify, this framework has got you covered with the necessities.

Frappe Charts

A lightweight JavaScript library to create a chart. You can install it as an NPM module or simply load the JavaScript file on your webpage like in the old days.

It supports several types of charts including bar and pie charts. It’s also responsive and fast since it is not dependant on other external JavaScript libraries.

20+ Useful Online Chart & Graph Generators

20+ Useful Online Chart & Graph Generators

Most people, like me, do not understand mere numbers and statistics and for such people charts and graphs… Read more

Chrome DevTools Recorder

Google Chrome has just made an improvement to the DevTools with a feature called “Recorder”. This feature allows you to record your website interaction.

You can replay the recorded interaction or emulate it with certain environment and conditions. It provides a better measure on the real web application performance. This feature will be shipped as a beta feature on Chrome 97.


Remix is a new full-stack React.js framework that provides an abstraction to build a better website. It handles routing, error requests, and other tiny details of building a website with great user experience — out of the box. The framework will help web developers become more productive.

Redux Toolkit

An official collection of tools from Redux that aims to make developing a website with Redux more efficient. It includes some utility functions and configs for common use cases.

This way you can be more productive, instead of befuddling with the configurations and the boilerplates, which can be a bit cumbersome.

Bulletproof React

A collection of tips, advice, and best practices for developing React.js application. Here you will learn a lot of topics surrounding app architecture, project structure, styling, state management, and a lot more. If want to improve your React.js skills, you should definitely have it bookmarked.

Apache EChart

An open-source initiative from Apache, EChart is more than just a chart JavaScript library. It’s a robust collection of interactive charts with animations, and with an overall better visual. This allows you to convey the data to the users better than a static chart.

Awesome Design Tools

This resource contains a massive list of tools for designers from various categories. Here you can find tools for accessibility, prototyping, sketching, stock assets (icons, photots, etc), and a lot more. I’m pretty sure a lot of designers will find this list extremely useful.


Localstack is a fully-functioning local AWS cloud stack. This means you can develop, run and test your AWS application offline. It supports a number of AWS services including AWS Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, Kinesis, SQS, and SNS.

Having AWS stack run locally will help you speed up and simplify the testing and development workflow of your application.

Founder Resources

A collection of resources like tools and content for those who’d like to start their journey as a business or startup founder. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. So get this list bookmarked and get prepared.


A PHP library that makes it easy to validate an email address. It provides several methods of validation including validation through the email RFC, DNS, or you can also write your own validation.

Docker OSX

A Docker image that allows you to run a container with macOS. This is another cool stuff to help effectively test your application and ensure that it runs across different platforms.


An open-source alternative to Twilio. It allows you to run a stack application from VOIP, SMS, mail, chat, and video on your own server. A great alternative for those who’d like to have full control over their platform and the data.


Freescout is a lightweight help desk application built with Laravel. You can use it to help and manage your customer tickets, mailbox, and conversations. It’s open-source, free, and packed with features.

Freescout is overall a great alternative to the paid-platform app like Zendesk and Help Scout, especially if you value and need control over your data.

Laravel Tenancy

A robust PHP library to set up multitenancy in Laravel. This allows you to run a single Laravel application with multiple database connections. It works seamlessly and works out-of-the-box with several popular Laravel packages like Vapor, Nova, Livewire, and a lot more.


A modern JavaScript library to create a slider. Designed and intended to be used on mobile websites and apps. SwiperJS is framework agnostic which allows you to use any framework including jQuery and Zepto.

On top of that, it also provides official integration that allows it to work out-of-the-box with some of the most popular modern frameworks like Vue.js, React.js, Svelte and Angular.

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