The 20 Best Food & Drink Logo Templates for 2021

Just as food brings people together, you can bring audiences to your clients with a stunning food and drink logo. If you’re working with restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, or bars, you have to make their logos as delicious as their dishes. How? Well, you can take the long route, trying to come up with every idea yourself (and spend hours trying). Or… you can let our collection of the best food and drink logo templates inspire you.

These logo templates have something for everyone: Fun and vibrant logos for street food spots that want to showcase their down-to-Earth vibes. Logos for restaurants with a long tradition that want to be even more recognizable. Vintage-inspired logos for hipster coffee shops that want a new generation of writers to pen their first scripts on their premises (while sipping their mocha latte). And so much more!

Let’s be real: no one can resist good food. But it takes a while to convince people to come and try your clients’ dishes. As the designer in charge of creating the logo, you’ve got a say in how much foot traffic your clients get. Since the logo is the foundation of great visual identity, make sure you take the audience’s needs and preferences into account. And from there, it’s time to find the perfect logo template for your next project!

Winery Logo Templates & Badges (PSD, SVG, PNG, AI & EPS)

Make your winery’s logo as delicious as your wine! This winery logo template collection was inspired by vintage typography and iconography, but it works perfectly for wineries that want to highlight their old-school charm. You’ll get over 40 templates and elements for wineries to work with!

Craft Beer Logo Template (PSD, AI & EPS)

Create a brewery logo that stands out from the crowd with this craft beer logo template, perfect for branding, labels, and more! This highly editable brewery logo template incorporates the best of Gothic-style typography and symbols with contemporary design trends. Showcase your clients’ tradition with just a few clicks!

Craft Beer Logo Template food drink eat

Food, Bakery & Kitchen Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Create the cutest logo on the block with these food, bakery, and kitchen logo templates. Featuring 15 illustrated logos with handwritten typography, these logos are perfect for mom and pop restaurants, or the friendly pizza place in the neighborhood. Even hipster brands will love these charming food and drink templates!

Food Bakery Kitchen Logo Templates food drink eat

Burgers and Co Logo Template (AI & EPS)

If your clients value their tradition and meat quality, they’ll love these logos! Inspired by retro steakhouse signs, these restaurant logo templates offer seamlessly blended serifs and sans-serifs with enough room for explaining what makes the brand different from others. You can customize every part of the template!

Burgers and Co Logo Template food drink eat

6 Vintage Beer Badges (AI & EPS)

If you’re working with breweries, you can’t go wrong with vintage! These 6 beer badges (that work like a charm as logos) offer traditional icons (kegs, saloons, anchors, and more) and retro typography. They’re perfect for breweries that plan on sticking around for centuries!

Vintage Beer Badges food drink eat

Coffee Shop & Restaurant Logo & Badge Templates (AI & EPS)

Create gorgeously illustrated coffee shop logos, badges, and other branding materials with these templates. Featuring those charming (and very Instagrammable) coffee shop motifs such as: coffee cups, latte art, and tea pots, this collection has everything you need to establish engaging visual identity for a charming coffee (or tea) shop.

Coffee Shop Restaurant Logo & Badge Templates food drink eat

Organic Farm Logo & Eco Food Retro Badges (PSD, PNG, SVG, AI & EPS)

There’s nothing like farm-to-table and everyone knows it! If you’re working with a brand that takes pride in their organic and eco food, make sure the logo shows it. These 9 organic farm and eco food logo templates are handcrafted, icons included. You can customize everything!

Organic Farm Logo Eco Food Retro Badges food drink eat

Minimal Hand-Drawn Food & Drink Logo Set (PSD, AI & EPS)

Create elegant and feminine food and drink logos with these minimalist and hand-drawn logo templates. Perfect for bakeries, coffee shops, and friendly local businesses, these 9 logo templates offer a seamless blend of cute icons and handwritten typography. Who can say no to a business with a logo this charming?

logo set Minimal Hand-Drawn food drink eat

Retro Restaurant Vector Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Some things never go out of style. If your clients want a retro-inspired logo for their brand, it’s time to take a peek at this restaurant logo template pack. You’ll get 40 logo options – there’s something for BBQ places, restaurants, bakeries, and more.

Retro Restaurant Vector Logo Templates food drink eat

Beer Hops Multiply Badges & Logos (AI & EPS)

Help audiences understand the process behind brewing with these stunning beer hop logo templates. You’ll get 5 brewery badges that work perfectly for logos and other branding materials. From vintage logos, to modern and hipster logos with script fonts, there is plenty to pick from in this collection!

Beer Hops Multiply Badges Logos food drink eat

Organic Food & Drink Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Evoke health and nature with a single logo – pick your favorite from this gorgeous organic food and drink logo template collection. With a natural color palette (greens and browns) and a variety of diverse icons (apples, leaves, and more), these logo templates are sure to attract loads of customers!

Organic Logo Templates food drink eat

Craft Beer Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

It’s time to show customers how much fun they’ll have sipping their beer or wine! Everyone’s gonna have the time of their lives with these brewery and winery logo templates. You’ll get plenty of beautifully illustrated (and fun) icon and typography options.

Craft Beer Logo Templates food drink eat

Unique & Minimal Food Logos (PSD, AI & EPS)

Organic and personal, these unique and minimalist food logo templates are perfect for food brands, as well as restaurants, bloggers, chefs, and more. The handwritten script fonts give a dash of personality to your brand, while the icons such as peppers and leaves instantly evoke feelings of comfort and delight.

Unique Minimal Logos food drink eat

Fast Food Logo Collection (AI & EPS)

Create a memorable fast or street food logo with these fast food logo templates! Featuring 8 beautiful logos with icons and typography outlined in red, they look as perfect as the red checkered tablecloths everyone associates with hearty food. From sandwiches to ramen, there’s plenty to pick from!

Fast Logo Collection food drink eat

Vintage Cooking Classes Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Share some of your personality with your cooking class and turn it into a brand! These gorgeous vintage logo templates are perfect for increasing your cooking class brand awareness, as well as attracting more people to your cooking blog. Share the knowledge and charm your customers with these adorable logos!

Vintage Cooking Classes Logo Templates food drink eat

Chat Food Logo Template (AI & EPS)

Launching a food app, or starting a business geared towards techies and Gen-Z? Pick this chat food logo template! Combining noodles with the chat icon, and sealing the deal with sans-serif typography, this logo template is definitely the perfect choice for businesses who are keeping an eye on current trends.

Chat Food Logo Template drink eat

Cafe, Bar & Restaurant Vintage Logo Kit (AI & EPS)

If your clients take pride in their coffee, they’re going to love this vintage logo kit. These cafe logo templates emphasize the ‘coffee’ in ‘coffee shop.’ You’ll love vintage-style coffee leaf and coffee cup icons, as well as vibrant typography and compositions.

Cafe Bar Restaurant Vintage Logo Kit food drink eat

Barbecue & Grill Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Paint a vivid picture with these barbecue and grill logo templates, perfect for restaurants serving the best dishes ever! From icons such as barbecues, to steaks, ovens, and more, you’ll have plenty of options to pick from. The vintage aspects give your clients’ brands even more charm!

Barbecue Grill Logo Templates food drink eat

Food & Cafe Logo & Badge Templates (PSD, AI & EPS)

From organic, across vintage, and all the way to elegant, this collection of logo templates for restaurants and cafes has it all! These 10 logos are perfect for diverse projects, so you might want to add them to your design kit. They feature charming icons, as well as vibrant typography.

Cafe Logo Badge Templates food drink eat

50 Vintage Food & Restaurant Badges & Logos (PSD, AI & EPS)

If you often work with restaurants and other food brands, it’s time to invest in a logo template collection. And if your clients love vintage, this pack is perfect. You’ll get 50 badges and logos for different niches; from bakeries specializing in cupcakes, to seafood restaurants.

Vintage Restaurant Badges Logos food drink eat

Food and drink logo templates so good they’ll make you lick your fingers! These 20 food and drink templates are perfect for your next project. If you often work with clients who own restaurants and coffee shops, these logo templates will be a perfect addition to your standard design kit.

From vintage logos perfect for breweries to elegant logos for restaurants on their way to getting that Michelin star, there’s plenty to pick from in this list, and we hope you’ve found the perfect logo for your next project.

Once you’ve downloaded the logo template you like, you can easily customize it in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. And of course, don’t forget to bookmark this page. Avoid long brainstorming sessions and get straight to work, giving your clients even more options for the foundation of their brand identity. Bon appetit!

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8 Outstanding eCommerce Microinteraction CSS & JavaScript Snippets

Microinteractions, those tiny details revealed when someone hovers or clicks on an item, is key to a successful user experience. They provide a hint as to what a specific design element does, thus making it more intuitive.

These little gems are especially important on eCommerce websites. We can use them to reinforce user actions and remove any chance of confusion. When done right, they fit seamlessly into a design.

What do eCommerce microinteractions look like in practice? We’ve rounded up a collection of unique code snippets that serve as prime examples. They utilize CSS and JavaScript to add something extra to the online shopping experience. Let’s get started!

Animated SVG Icons by Joni Trythall

Icons are used on all manner of websites but have particular importance for eCommerce.

This set of animated SVG animated icons can serve as confirmation for adding products to a cart, wish list, and more. Even better is that each icon has three variations to choose from.

See the Pen Animated Shopping Cart Icons by Joni Trythall

Rolling Shopping Cart by Aaron Iker

The simplicity of this animated button is wonderful. One click and a shopping cart icon rolls in and “fills up” with color. There’s a lot of movement, yet it doesn’t feel the least bit overwhelming. It would fit in with virtually any type of online store.

See the Pen Add to cart animation by Aaron Iker

Add a Product with Text Confirmation by Lance Jernigan

Fans of Google’s Material Design will want to check out this snippet. The look adheres to the design language, while the microinteraction is slick and informative.

Clicking the “Add To Cart” button results in a spinning loader graphic. From there, a text confirmation ensures that shoppers will know that their item has been successfully added.

See the Pen Material Add To Cart Animation by Lance Jernigan

Docking Product Image by Filip Danisko

Looking for a unique microinteraction? This snippet sends a product thumbnail image to a sidebar dock when a user adds it to their cart. And it’s not just for show. Hover on the thumbnail and you can easily remove the product as well.

See the Pen Add to cart animation by Filip Danisko

Multi-Step Cart Process by Marcus Forsberg

Here’s an example that treats eCommerce as a step-by-step process. Adding a product to your cart brings up an attractive quantity UI. Select the amount you want, click on “GO,” and the fun really begins.

A visual confirmation appears, then floats over to the cart icon on the upper right of the screen. The overall functionality is great, and the animation successfully ties it all together.

See the Pen Add to cart animation by Marcus Forsberg

Going to Checkout by Richik SC

This animated checkout button sends users onto the next step in style. It utilizes a simple CSS animation to confirm their choice and show that the redirection is underway.

See the Pen Animated Checkout Button by Richik SC

Simple Add to Cart Button by Rune Sejer Hoffmann

Simplicity is the name of the game here. Add a product to the cart, and you’ll see a quick change in both the button background color and adjacent icon. This one gets the job done nicely and without any unnecessary theatrics.

See the Pen Ecommerce animations by Rune Sejer Hoffmann

Add and Remove Items by Amirtha Shankari

Here’s a snippet that focuses on the shopping cart icon itself. Adding a product unleashes an animated box icon. It ricochets off the cart as if it were a basketball hoop.

Remove an item and just the opposite happens. While it would be great to see some microinteractions on the buttons themselves, the cart effects are brilliant.

See the Pen Add to Cart Animation by AmirthaShankari

Improving eCommerce through Microinteractions

When it comes to improving the user experience of your online store, microinteractions are a great feature to consider. They’re an easy means to make an instant impact. And, because they often rely on CSS, you don’t have to sacrifice performance.

The snippets above demonstrate how even small enhancements make for a more intuitive UI. Want to go further? Check out our CodePen collection for more fantastic ideas.

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