Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (September 2021)

There is lot happening this month in the tech industry; from Docker updating their business and plans, prominent WordPress businesses being acquired, Web3, NFT, as well as new resources and updates keep coming in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is why we’ve put a few of these to keep you updated.

First, we have some cool JavaScript libraries to create animations, a CLI tool to help you manage and deploy your WordPress site on DigitalOcean, there are also a couple of resources on CSS category that will improve how you write CSS in modern applications, and a lot more. Let’s take a look.

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (August 2021)

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (August 2021)

There are new tools and techniques coming up every day in the field of web development. And sometimes,… Read more


Theatre.js is a JavaScript library to write animation. It comes with a rich UI called “Studio” which makes it more intuitive to use compared to similar libraries. It’s also feature-rich; you can use it to animate HTML, SVG, WebGL, or use it with a 2D/3D graphic JavaScript library like Three.js or Pixie.js.


A free open-source Command-line Interface (CLI) to manage your WordPress sites to DigitalOcean. The CLI allows you to manage your site efficiently, including provisioning servers.

You can also deploy the site, backup the site and do rollback, and even manage the DNS and SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt. A great handy tool for WordPress power-users and SysOps.



A web application to generate preview of your site on Google and several social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Slack. You can use this tool to manage your site title, description, and image to ensure that they fit in and are optimised before sharing it on those sites.



“Houdini” makes CSS more powerful. It works similar to how the Custom Element works in HTML; it allows web developers to define custom CSS properties with their own custom functionalities.

So you can create something like --cool-text-decoration which will provide some custom richer text decoration than what the browser provides.



A JavaScript library that allows you to write CSS for your application right in the JavaScript files; also known as CSS-in-JS. The library optimized CSS as it’s compiled.

It delivers only the CSS that’s needed by the app component and supports server-side rendering. Also, Stitches is framework-agnostic so you can use it in any of your favorites whether it’s React.js, Vue.js, or Svelte.



Unplugin is a JavaScript library that aims to provide a unified system for creating plugin for build tools like Webpack, Rollup, and Vite. If you’re a developer looking to support several of these build tools, this is the library that you might want to look into that may save you time and speed up development.


React Render Tracker

Sometimes rendering a React.js component can be quite expensive for the browser to process and might affect the performance of the application. You can use this tool to inspect how many times the component is rendered on the browser.

You’d want to make sure that the component is not re-rendered excessively. A handy tool to debug and optimise your React.js application.

React Render Tracker

Great “Alt” Text

Alt text is an important piece of information on the image. It provides the additional information of the image that would benefit not only search engine but also assitive device. This allows your image to perform better on Search Engine and makes your website more accessible to users.

But how do you make a great “alt” text? Jake Archibaled of Google Developer Advocate have some tips for you.

Great "Alt" Text


This little tool can help you create a prototype of your next awesome web application fast. Rather than creating it from scratch, you can save time by using this tool to generate UI base styles with some defined parameters like Font Family, Text Size, Color Accent, and their proportion.

The tool will immediately generate the preview and base CSS that you can copy-paste it onto your website stylesheet.



A desktop application to connect and manage the database. It supports several types of database including MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and SQL Server. With this application, you can perform several database operations conveniently such as creating or deleting database, run an SQL query, and more.

BeeKeeperStudio is available for macOS, Windows, and some Linux distros. It’s open-source and free; and it will always be free.


Filament Admin

Filament is a TALL (Tailwind, Alpine.js, Laravel, and Livewire) stack to build an Admin planel application. It’s pre-packaged with features that you would need to build a functioning standard application such as User Authentications, Authorization, and some utilities that make development easier and boost productivity.

Filament Admin

A JavaScript animation library with a focus on performance and simplicity. It leverages Animation API that allows it to stay small (3.1kb) while providing native animation features such as transform, transitions, and keyframes out of the box.

On top of that, it also provides options and easing to create an animation that feels more alive.

Recently changed its name to, Calendso is an open-source tool to host and manage your own calendar application. It’s an overall good alternative to Google Calendar or Calendly especially if it needs to have full control over the data and customize however you like to fit in your business or development requirement.


A cross-browser JavaScript library for creating 3D or 2D objects. It uses WebGL for hardware-accelerated graphics. Designed for dynamic precision and visual quality, Cesium is the perfect library for creating interactive 3D models like globe, cityscape, terrain, and other dynamic visualization.



This is another cool JavaScript library worth mentioning. Dropzone.js turns any HTML element into, well, a “dropzone”. You can drag and drop a file onto it.

It will display the file preview, handle the upload process as well as render the progress. If you’re looking to improve the UX to upload files on your site, this is the JavaScript library you want.



A React Hook that improves as well as simplifies data fetching for a web application. Unlike the traditional data fetch, SWR covers the common requirements for a modern application with React.

Not only that it’s fast, lightweight, and reusable, but it’s also compatible with both SSR (Server-side Rendering) and SSG (Server-side Generator), React Suspense, and React Native. This library has got you covered so you can focus on developing the best of user experience for your application.



A self-hosted application for site monitoring. UptimeKuma features a nice interactive UI and supports a number of protocols such as the basic HTTP(S), TCP, Ping, or through DNS records.

You can set it to send notification to a number of channels including Email, Slack, Discord, Telegram, etc. UptimeKuma is a nice alternative to the commercial offering like Uptime Robot; it’s open-source, and you can add as many as the site you’d like to monitor without the additional $ cost.



A boilerplate and template to create an online portfolio quickly. It’s built with just HTML, CSS (Sass), and JavaScript. It’s preconfigured so all you need to do is to fill in the HTML page, customize the styles with Sass, and run NPM command to compile the styles. It’s fast, responsive, and since it’s just a static site you can easily deploy it to static site hosting like Netlify or Cloudflare Pages.



A carefully curated color palette aims to create clear, elegant designs following a minimal and flat style pattern. This palette has been translated to color some popular developer applications such as Atom, Coda, JetBrains, SublimeText, Terminal, and even Slack. A great initiative to tie your daily apps together with a unified color scheme.


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35 Popular Forums for Web Designers and Developers

Web designing and development are one of the most widespread professional careers. These are also rapidly emerging fields that require one to be up-to-date with the latest advancements. And what is a more better way to keep yourself updated than through discussion forums and professional communities.

This post lists some of the best and most reliable forums and communities for web designers and developers. Professionals from all around the world gather on these platforms to share ideas, seek solutions, and help resolve problems. Read on to know about each platform in detail.

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30 Books For Web Designers and Developers

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1. Designer Hangout

Designer Hangout is probably one of the most active communities for UX designers on the web. It has over 5000 members and a quite strict vetting process as they expect high-quality discussions.

2. #frontendDevelopers

#frontendDevelopers is an awesome place to find new gigs. Apart from that, you can get feedback from like-minded developers, learn the latest trends and share ideas on this forum.

3. Digital Point
Digital Point

Digital Point is the largest webmaster community in the world with a huge forum. There you can find discussions on various topics, such as search engines, business and marketing, design, development as well as buying, selling, and trade.

4. Coffee Cup
Coffee Cup

CoffeeCup Software was started in a real coffee shop in 1996 with a simple HTML Editor. The forum is aimed to help web designers create better websites. You can search forum discussions with the search box or via the categories.

5. Forum Forum is a forum about general web development and programming. The site is separated into sections: client-side development, server-side development, and site management.

With over 39,000 posts and 2000 users, this forum is one of the most popular ones. You can get feedback on your work, find tutorials, ask questions about web design, SEO, photography, tools, business, freelancing, and much more.

6. Talk Graphics
Talk Graphics

Talk Graphics is a community for graphic designers and 3D artists. The registration process requires your date of birth, username, and email address. They have a lot of information about Xara products.

7. Graphic Design Forum
Graphic Design Forum

GDF is one of the biggest and oldest graphic design forums around with over 20k members. The community is active, large, and consists of a variety of general categories about web design, business, tools, and more.

8. Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow

It’s one of the most popular developer’s community sites with questions and answers. You develop a reputation by answering questions and through upvotes. Users with a higher reputation can comment, vote and even edit comments of other people.

9. Graphic Design Forums (UK)
Graphic Design Forums (UK)

Graphic Design Forums is a friendly community for designers of any kind and level. With over 18,000 users, the oldest message was posted back in 2008. Here you can share your ideas, ask questions and get answers.

10. Larachat

Larachat is a Slack channel devoted to learning about Laravel – a PHP framework. Talk to some of the best minds in Laravel in this supportive community full of experienced Laravel pros ready to help.

11. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, and JS framework for popular UI components and interactions. You can join their great community of over 7,000 members and learn the latest Bootstrap tips and trends.

12. is a huge community for designers with over 55,000 members. You can find answers to your questions in the following categories web design, design software, programming and development, web marketing, hosting, and server setup there.

13. HTML Forums
HTML Forums

HTML Forums is dedicated specifically to HTML and the logo says there are “electrifying discussions” there. Also, you can find information on traffic and links sale, domain names for sale, server administration and much more.

14. The SitePoint Forums
The SitePoint Forums

The SitePoint Forums is a great place to find answers on your questions about HTML, CSS, Marketing, JavaScript, PHP, .Net, Database, design and UX, hosting, and more.

15. Webdevforums

On Webdevforums, forum you can get feedback about your website, find useful tutorials, ask questions about marketing and SEO. Use categories at the bottom of the page to navigate the website.

16. Make WordPress
Make WordPress

Make WordPress is a Slack channel where everything about the WordPress open-source project is discussed which includes the project of the plugins, themes, translations, events, and the Core itself. Everyone can join the Slack channel and jump into the discussion.

17. Laminas PHP
Laminas PHP

Laminas is a collection of PHP libraries and framework that allows makes PHP application faster and easier. Shall you ever have a problem with these libraries, join the forum to get help from the helpful community or professional Laminas developers themselves. You can also have your work built the framework or provide feedback to improve the library.

18. is not a forum per se technically, but it feels like one. It’s a free community blog where people can share their knowledge, ask questions, and join the discussion. It covers almost everything of software development from the language, the industry, career, tutorials, tips, and much more.

19. Laracast Discuss
Laracast Discuss

Laracasts is a popular video learning source to learn Laravel. You can join this forum for free and ask anything about the Laravel framework. The entire community is active and helpful.

20. Ghost Forum
Ghost Forum

This is the official forum of Ghost – a beautiful, free, and open-source CMS built on top of Node.js. In the forum, you can join the discussion on the development, news, post an idea or feature request, or buy and sell stuff related to Ghost.

21. Hacker News
Hacker News

In HackerNews, you can share and find the latest news from tech and anything related to entrepreneurship. It’s more like a mixed social media forum where users can chime in the discussion and vote or downvote the shared news. And the users are very active. If you get your site on the top page of HackerNews, be prepared to go viral.

22. Indie Hackers
Indie Hackers

A forum where developers share strategies, tips, and revenue numbers behind their companies and side projects. If you’d like to run your own digital business as developers or seeking advice, this one of the places you can join in for jus to be inspired.

23. ProductHunt Discussion
ProductHunt Discussion

Technically, ProductHunt is not a forum, but it gives the sense of community as in a traditional forum as you can jump in to discuss with other peers on the latest product thread, giving feedback, upvote or downvote product.

24. Symfony Devs
Symfony Devs

This is the official Slack channel of Symfony to connect with other PHP developers. You can join the community (of more than 600k members) from hundreds of countries for anything related to the framework of PHP development in general.

25. Figma Forum
Figma Forum

The forum where designers connect to help each other with issues, tips, and tricks to use Figma – the modern application design product – collaboratively.

26. HashNode

This is a platform for developers to share knowledge on various topics of web development (front-end to back-end, design, mobile apps, and desktop apps). It is an overall great place to connect with fellow developers and improve your skills.

27. Vue.js Forum
Vue.js Forum

Official Vue.js forum connects passionate Vue.js developers from all over the world. Here you can get help for the problem encountered in Vue.js, post or looking for a job, or simply share your work. Also available rooms in Vietnamese, Japanese, and French.

28. WordPress Support Forums
WordPress Support Forums

WordPress Support Forums is one of the greatest places to learn, share, and ask for help for anything related to run your own self-hosting WordPress, including the plugins and theme. WordPress forum is available in many locale languages.

29. Envato Forum
Envato Forum

Envato forum is a hub for creative people to share their work and learn from the Envato marketplace network. Whether you’re a designer, web developer, or even a photographer, this forum is one of the best places to grow your skill as a professional.

30. Photography Talk
Photography Talk

Possibly one of the long-running forums for photography, this forum is organized neatly into several categories with topics catering to beginners, including tips and tricks, editing, freelancing, and galleries, which makes it easy where you want to navigate in the forum.

31. Krita

Krita is alternative software for photo editing. And this forum is where you can join the vast community whether to find artwork inspiration, asking questions, and learn to use the software from the pros.

32. Graphic Design StackExchange
Graphic Design StackExchange

This forum is part of the network of StackExchange, aimed for designers to get help for anything related to graphic design from software-specific like Photoshop and Illustrator, technical tips to design topic or theory in general.

33. Photoshop Gurus Forum
Photoshop Gurus Forum

As one of the oldest forums for Photoshop, it caters to various topics related to Photoshop, from general techniques to software-related ones. You can also request help from professionals, whether for paid or for free.

34. CodeCademy Discuss
CodeCademy Discuss

People in this forum discuss anything and everything related to software development. You can learn, seek help, or even share your project to get feedback. You can also find opportunities to advance your career development in the software industry.

35. Blender Artists
Blender Artists

There is no better place to connect with Blender users than this forum. Consider this the home for the Blender community – where people come in to find inspiration, learn from tutorials and the pros, and overall to connect for work and fun.

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Weekly News for Designers № 612

Microcopy – A collection of click-to-copy short text for use on your website.
Example from Microcopy

Theatre.js – A GUI-based JavaScript animation library.
Example from Theatre.js

Dot HQ – Concerned about online privacy? Give this new web browser a try.
Example from Dot HQ

Motion One – This animation library promises “huge” performance while keeping a tiny file size.
Example from Motion One

Navigating Harsh Judgements and Self-Worth in Web Design – Some advice for tuning out the darkest parts of the web design community.
Example from Navigating Harsh Judgements and Self-Worth in Web Design

Menu and Thumbnail Stack Animation – Learn the process behind this unique menu animation.
Example from Menu and Thumbnail Stack Animation

The Future of CSS: Cascade Layers – Find out how this new CSS feature can help designers take control of the cascade.
Example from The Future of CSS: Cascade Layers

8 Best WordPress Plugins for Providing Customer Support – Add a variety of customer support functionality to your website with these handy plugins.
Example from 8 Best WordPress Plugins for Providing Customer Support

Geometric Art – Use this tool to generate unique art that can be downloaded for your projects.
Example from Geometric Art

ct.css – This diagnostic CSS snippet exposes potential performance issues in your page’s <head> tags.
Example from ct.css

Simpler Block Spacing in WordPress with :is() and :where() – How these CSS pseudo-selectors can help you tackle spacing in the Gutenberg block editor.
Example from Simpler Block Spacing in WordPress with :is() and :where()

The Idea Generation Process of Scribbling on a Napkin – Explore the idea generation process familiar to many designers: the scribbled idea on a restaurant napkin.
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20 Killer JavaScript One Liners – Bookmark this list of handy JavaScript snippets.
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Actionable Color Palettes – Check out this attractive collection of hand-curated color palettes.
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Love a WordPress Plugin or Theme? Pay It Forward. – Take time to positively impact the people and products that help make our websites better.
Example from Love a WordPress Plugin or Theme? Pay It Forward.

7 Practical Uses for the ::before and ::after Pseudo-Elements in CSS – Examples of how designers can leverage these pseudo-elements to create a better UX.
Example from 7 Practical Uses for the ::before and ::after Pseudo-Elements in CSS

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